Venus Williams is Latest Celebrity to Present Clothing Line at Fashion Week

Spencer Cain

screen shot 2012 08 15 at 11 33 02 am Venus Williams is Latest Celebrity to Present Clothing Line at Fashion WeekVenus Williams has been busy this month. In case you missed it, Venus and her sister Serena won a gold medal in women’s doubles at the Olympics, proving that they are truly the Kardashians of the tennis court. Venus is also hard at work on her new athleticwear line, EleVen.

The fine folks at the newly relaunched The Cut chatted with a jet-lagged and confused Venus the other day immediately after her return from London. Although she was out of it, she was giddy to announce that her line would be showing at New York Fashion Week. “I’m not sure of the exact location because I just got back from the Olympics,” she explained. “I’m still getting updated. Who am I? Where am I? Why?”

Unlike celebrities such as Liam Gallagher (and you know, a ton of others) who steer clear from the design process, she states that she’s very involved. The show is set for Wednesday, September 12, and is said to be “unconventional.” We love a good out of the box fashion show — especially when it’s a designer whose work we haven’t really seen before. Between her and Katie Holmes, we’re counting down the minutes.

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