VeeV Spirit


Wine and spirit companies are beginning to get involved in the eco-friendly lifestyle shift. This time around, the newly launched VeeV takes us on a sweet escape to a Brazilian rainforest. Its Açaí-infused distilled spirit is created around the Brazilian superfruit that popped up in everything from skincare to beverages this past year. Full of antioxidants, the Açaí berry mixes with the exotic prickly pear and acerola cherry for VeeV’s distilled wheat-based spirit.

Refreshing, fruity and light, VeeV can be served on the rocks with a splash of soda and lime or incorporated into a summer martini. And if that isn’t enough, the company donates $1 from every bottle sold to Sambazon’s Sustainable Açaí project to help protect and replenish the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

VeeV is available for purchase online at Mele & Rose.