We Want Every Single Outfit Vanessa Hudgens Wore on Vacation This Week

Lindsey Lanquist
We Want Every Single Outfit Vanessa Hudgens Wore on Vacation This Week
Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images.

I don’t know that much about Vanessa Hudgens. (Aside from the obvious stuff, like her being an actress and singer who starred in the iconic Disney film High School Musical.) But after following her on Instagram for a week, I can confidently tell you Vanessa Hudgens knows how to assemble a killer vacation lookbook.

Homegirl seems to have been traveling for the past four days, and every outfit she’s uploaded to Instagram has been amazing. Not just look-at-me-I’m-on-vacation amazing. But look-at-me-I’m-on-vacation-and-I’m-still-wearing-full-blown-outfits amazing. None of it looks effortless, and that’s kind of what makes it incredible.

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On Monday, Hudgens took to the beach in a polka-dotted bikini and matching polka-dotted crop top. She oh-so casually draped a straw hat around her neck, threw on some aviator sunglasses and completed her look with a pair of hoop earrings. Because who doesn’t wear hoop earrings to the beach?

On Tuesday, she sported a gingham bikini and matching mini skirt—all of which was worn over a delicate gold body chain. Hudgens topped off her look with a straw hat (seems to be a different one than Monday’s), a loose-fitting white button-down, chunky black sandals, oversized sunglasses and those go-to hoop earrings.

On Wednesday, she changed things up, opting for an adorable striped bikini. No clothes over this one—just the oversized sunnies and the hoops.

On Thursday, she wore two outfits. The first: a classic black one-piece, paired with a yellow hair scarf. She further accessorized her look with her body chain and aviators.

And on Thursday night, she wore a tight red dress, gold statement earrings and brown platform sandals. Her body chain made yet another appearance (and frankly, now that I see how versatile they can be, I’m kind of into body chains).

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The way Vanessa Hudgens looked on this vacation is the way I want to look on every vacation. And let’s be real, I never come close. I don’t have the discipline to fully accessorize every comfy-cute travel outfit I mindlessly throw on—let alone the energy to wear jewelry to the beach. My admiration for Hudgens and her awe-inspiring vacation wardrobe is off the charts.

Vanessa Hudgens, this week you’ve managed to make me very envious of your idyllic beach travels—and even more envious of your incredible closet. Hats off to you!