Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram Feed Is the Halloween Lookbook We Didn’t Know We Needed

Lindsey Lanquist
Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram Feed Is the Halloween Lookbook We Didn’t Know We Needed
Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images.

Most of us celebrate Halloween by haphazardly throwing up decor, buying last-minute costumes and wearing a little more black-on-black than we do on the regular. Our commitment to the holiday is present—but not over-the-top. We like Halloween. We appreciate Halloween. We celebrate Halloween. But that’s about it.

There are, however, some people whose commitment to Halloween simply cannot be questioned. They carefully plan their decor—curating a glam-goth, spooky-kitschy or genuinely frightening aesthetic. They start thinking about costumes weeks—nay, months—in advance. They plan parties to celebrate the event, play around with creepy makeup in anticipation of fright night and wear Halloween-inspired ensembles for weeks on end.

Or, in the case of Vanessa Hudgens, they dedicate their entire Instagram feed to the holiday for a straight-up month.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram is traditionally full of colorful photos of cool outfits she’s sported, dreamy vacations she’s been on and interesting makeup looks she’s worn. But on September 30, she began near exclusively posting black and white photos. Even more notable: Those black and white photos captured some pretty haunted shit.

There was the video of her slowly and deliberately strutting around in a layered black dress. (Featuring a pop of red lipstick, of course.)

The photo series of her posing in front of what we’re pretty sure is Alfred Hitchcock’s grave.

The video of her twirling about in a stunning woven dress and cape.

The video of her wearing a figure-hugging latex bodysuit and massive feathery wings.

The photo of her and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, sporting some seriously incredible skull makeup.

And the video of her singing “Come Little Children” while literally flying through the sky on a broomstick.

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On Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram, every day is Halloween—well, every day in October is Halloween. And we don’t hate it. In fact, we’re kind of thankful.

We all have that friend who takes Halloween super seriously; they’re usually the only reason we manage to actually make plans for Halloween. Vanessa Hudgens is that friend. Her Instagram is chock full of daily reminders that the holiday exists—and that you can have a ton of fun with it.

And though you might pretend to be inconvenienced by the sheer passion of the Halloween-obsessed, you know, deep down, that you wouldn’t remember to buy a costume or carve a pumpkin if it weren’t for them. You need them as much as they need Halloween. And they need Halloween a lot.