Vanessa Hudgens Wore a Pearl Necklace and Fur Coat Over Her Bikini Just Because

Lindsey Lanquist
Vanessa Hudgens Wore a Pearl Necklace and Fur Coat Over Her Bikini Just Because
Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images.

Like seemingly every celebrity on the planet, Vanessa Hudgens wore a neon bikini this weekend. But unlike those other neon-bikini-wearers, Hudgens combined hers with a fuzzy coat, dangly earrings and what looks to be a pearl necklace.

Even better: She wore all of this in a kitchen while chugging frozen margaritas straight out of a blender. In times like these, there’s really only one thing to say: Power moves only.

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Whether or not Hudgens actually wore her furry coat to the pool is a mystery. Her Instagram photos only show her in the kitchen, and it’s entirely possible she just threw on some outerwear when she came inside to fill up on margs.

But I’m much more into the idea of this opulent AF outfit being something Hudgens genuinely wore poolside. Hear me out: The red, orange and black checkered coat pairs perfectly with her bright bathing suit, and like, that had to be planned, right?

That’s the kind of foresight you exercise when assembling an ensemble you’ll be wearing all day; I refuse to believe Hudgens haphazardly grabbed the coat nearest the door on her way in and it just so happened to feature the same colors as her reddish-orange bikini.

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Plus, don’t you want to live in a world where Vanessa Hudgens wore a fur coat to the pool? Where fuzzy outerwear and sunscreen aren’t mutually exclusive? Where you can show up to a sweaty summer activity dressed in a literal coat and jewelry just because? I know I do.

(Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’m never touching a frozen margarita again unless it’s served to me straight from a blender. Thanks.)