Vanessa Hudgens’s Dreamcatcher Headpiece Is Not OK, According to the Internet

Known Coachella fanatic Vanessa Hudgens posted an image of herself wearing a purple dreamcatcher repurposed as a headpiece yesterday, and the internet went wild. Though Hudgens is of Native American descent, Instagram and Twitter users took umbrage at her use of a dreamcatcher as a hair accessory and accused the former Disney star of cultural appropriation. “Chin up, Princess… Or the crown slips,” Hudgens captioned the photo, reusing a hackneyed pep-talk phrase alongside the offending pic.

Twitter exploded with outrage, with users calling Hudgens out for her hair adornment along with past unforgivable misdeeds, which include wearing bindis, posting photos of friends wearing bindis, and defacing red rocks in Sedona, Arizona (by scratching “Austin + Vanessa” into the rock face in a misguided attempt to cement her love with her boyfriend, Austin Butler).

Some were quick to come to her defense, saying she’d done nothing wrong, and adding that the internet was going too far by putting her on blast. “Just #stop ..Trying to make #something out of #nothing,” one wrote, while another added, “#SlowNewsDay.”

Hudgens doesn’t seem too worried about the controversy, though. A few hours before midnight on the West Coast, she added another photo of herself in the same outfit (and, yes, the same headpiece), adding, “No Monday blues here 💙.” In other words, she seems to be saying, find something better to do, trolls.