Did Vanessa Hudgens Just Have a ‘Lord of the Rings’-Themed Birthday Party?

Did Vanessa Hudgens Just Have a ‘Lord of the Rings’-Themed Birthday Party?
Photo: Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images.

In case you missed it, Vanessa Hudgens just turned 30. Yeah, you read that right. Your fave teenager from the early 2000s’ High School Musical trilogy is 30 years of age, and you probably feel old as heck. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. We here at StyleCaster are feeling both shook and nostalgic at the moment, and we would like to be left alone for a minute.

Anyway, now that you’re past the initial shock of Vanessa Hudgens being the same age as your mom was when you were born, it’s time to focus on the good stuff. In true Vanessa Hudgens fashion, the star celebrated her birthday this year with an adorable gif of her dancing with “3” and “0” balloons, as well as an extremely boho-looking cake that boasted real flowers and gold-painted candles.

Despite all the classic Vanessa Hudgens-y cuteness going on here, there’s one part of her birthday celebration we simply can’t ignore, because it’s different. Have you noticed what she’s wearing in her birthday party Insta?

Her ensemble seems to include a wine-colored velvet gown, some medieval-looking accessories (including a crown?), and a literal goblet. We’re not against it by any means—in fact, we love this shit. But we have decided to pose the question that’s obviously on the tip of your tongue at this very moment: Did Vanessa Hudgens just have a Lord of the Rings-themed birthday party?

If Allison Kohler’s Instagram from Vanessa Hudgens’ birthday party is any indication, she did. (I mean, how else are we supposed to interpret the caption, “MIDDLE EARTH VIBES”?

Though Lord of the Rings wouldn’t be our first choice for 30th birthday party themes, we can’t deny how aesthetically killer Hudgens’ birthday party looked. And we can’t say we’re surprised. This is the same woman who dedicated her entire Instagram to Halloween for the month of October—her commitment to an aesthetic knows no limits.

One might not simply walk into Mordor, but one definitely doesn’t simply throw a 30th birthday party, either.