VANE 2 Finger Brass Knuckle Ring


Object Of Desire

VANE 2 Finger Brass Knuckle Ring, $125, at

Reason #1

Sometimes living in Brooklyn and carrying pepper spray in your Balenciaga just ain’t enough.

Reason #2

When the hipster you’re hooking up with gets a little too friendly behind Union Pool, you can show him the etched “Nothing Promised” logo in the form of your two fingers.

Reason #3

Their objective sentence:”In a city where nothing is promised but the present, it never hurts to be prepared for what tomorrow will bring. Brass knuckles have long been a staple of street warfare, but true Gs don’t need all four fingers to do damage. We think two is just enough to get the point across.”If there were a Reason #4, it would be to see your mother’s face when you sweetly ask for a knuckle ring for your birthday.