Vampire Diaries Music… Not Bad Actually


Last night Gossip Girl had its season premiere in which Blair and Chuck act like a couple married for thirty years and role play about town, Vanessa‘s hair was a hot mess and Serena‘s chest was out of control. This juuuuuust about the time everything spirals into nonsense– also known as, “season three.” Well regardless, I was watching the CW Network last night and caught a preview for The Vampire Diaries which premiered last week; just in case literal bloodlust is more your deal than Upper East Side bloodlust.

The premise of Vampire Diaries is to jump on the Twilight bandwagon that a high school girl is torn between loving two vampire brothers. Of course, everyone including vampires are sexy. (Thank you Wesley Snipes in Blade for setting the bar on vampire sexiness.)

Meanwhile, whether or not you like the show, the episode soundtrack has its moments. Here is a filtered version of Vampire Diaries songs you should download:

1. Hang You From the Heavens by The Dead Weather
2. Sort Of by Silversun Pick Ups
3. Take Me to the Riot by Stars
4. Siren Song by Bat for Lashes
5. Help, I’m Alive by Metric
6. Death by White Lies

Tune in to Vampire Diaries again on Thursday at 9/8C PM on the CW to find out if anything else good is playing in the background of what I’m guessing to be a teenage sex scene… in the rain… ya know, so it’s dramatic.