Valentino and His Tan Rumored to Hit Broadway

Jessica Rubin

Valentino Garavani is one of the most well known designers in history. One of the lucky few whose celebrity surpasses those he dresses. Nearing his 80th birthday, the designer, who was already the focus of a feature film entitled “Valentino – The Last Emperor,” may have his life story translated to the Broadway stage. In an interview with La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper, Valentino comments on his previous with the film:

I came across as a despot. The director had surprised Giammetti [Valentino’s partner of more than 50 years] and me when we were arguing, which we always do in French. But then (at the end of the screening) the applause never stopped and I realized that people liked me as I am.

Yes, Valentino, we do. Although Valentino retired from the fashion group in 2007, he still designs an occasional, highly-coveted dress. The man who has officially established himself as a fashion legend will undoubtedly inspire the most well-dressed performance in Broadway’s history. We’re hoping and praying that the idea of the Valentino musical becomes a reality. What are your thoughts on a musical rendition of Valentino’s life?