Valentine’s Lingerie of The Fashion Kind: Araks Spring 2011

Kerry Pieri
Valentine’s Lingerie of The Fashion Kind: Araks Spring 2011
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It could be argued that your every day fashion girl doesn’t approach lingerie the same way as some less stylistically inclined ladies. We’re giving some love to the lingerie designers who create pieces that take a different approach that speaks our language. First up: Araks. Equally sexy, but that much more refined and perfectly subtle, designer Arak Yeramyan is all about color, texture and making women feel beautiful. She also has an equally cool ready to wear line showing at New York Fashion Week. Get to know her mission below, and click through her gorgeous Spring 2011 lookbook photographed by some people you may have heard of it’s not too late to get in a Valentine’s Day state of mind that has nothing to do with a red lace thong.

How did you get in to lingerie?
Before I started, I had never been in a lingerie store. It wasnt for me. I design lingerie for people who are not into lingerie…

What are your personal opinions on it?
First, I think that women should dress for themselves. If you feel beautiful, you will exude beauty.

What did you have in mind when designing the spring collection?
The Marken 1920s Northern Holland, I loved the silhouette during that time and how they mixed plaids, florals and stripes.

Tell me about the various people like Barneys Julie Gilhart, designer Robert Geller and T Magazine’s Sally Singer who photographed some of the lookbook images. How did they get involved? Why is it a group that well represents the brand?
I chose people that I was confident could translate my aesthetic through their vision. All relative, but each with their own personal style. It was a mix of friends and people that I admired.

I think a lot of girls in their 20s dont buy lingerie like women used to, why do you think that your brand appeals to this age group?
I think its more about a personal aesthetic than age.

Who do you think the Araks girl is?
An Araks girl likes fashion, but in her own way. Perhaps she is a bit nerdy (fashion nerdy…if that exists). My customer is very similar to me, someone that is into a quiet/subtle fashion.

What are your Valentines Day plans?
That is a good question!