An Informal Guide to Having the Most Extra Valentine’s Day Ever

Maggie Griswold
An Informal Guide to Having the Most Extra Valentine’s Day Ever
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Valentine’s Day is always riddled with grand romantic gestures, a lot of puns and just the right amount of candy. It’s a day where we can be as ridiculous as we want, claim it’s for love and no one bats an eye. This year, I’ve decided to take full advantage of the leniences of the holiday and make a list of Valentine’s Day ideas that are equal parts extra and delightful—because, you know, why not take advantage of the opportunity have the most ridiculous and over-the-top February 14 ever?

Decorate your entire house, buy some lingerie, plan a brunch—create a Valentine’s Day that’s what you want it to be. If that means waiting until February 15 to buy half-off candy, do it. If it’s planning a wild and unique date night, that’s great, too. It’s your day, babe.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day should be fun. Whether you spend it with your partner of two years or your BFFs of 20 years, it’s the perfect time to do whatever makes you feel happy, sexy and, of course, extra. A holiday filled with red hearts, balloons, chocolates and flowers is truly an ideal situation if you allow yourself to lean into the spirit. Rid yourself of all the pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day and vow to just have some fun this year.

With that in mind, I’ve crafted an informal guide to having your most extra Valentine’s Day yet. Ahead, 47 different ideas sure to get you started on creating your perfect V-Day. Let’s! Get! Extra!

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1. Take a Scenic Train Ride with Your Love

Or, if that’s a little bit too extra, you can always drive through the prettiest parts of your city.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Ideas

Decor to Adore.

2. Create the Perfect V-Day Charcuterie Board

Because everyone loves heart-shaped cheese.

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3. Deck Yourself Out

These heart-shaped accessories are the perfect way to get a little extra this year.

4. Surround the Bed with Heart Balloons and Roses

Nothing says V-Day like a million balloons you can post on Instagram to show how much you’re loved.

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Photo: Forbes

5. Send Someone/Yourself a Fancy Giftbox from Paris

Yes, I will eat all those macarons, so no, you can’t have one.

6. Take Netflix and Chill to a New Level

Rom-coms only.

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7. Go Camping Indoors

Twinkle lights are a must.

8. Host a Good Old-Fashioned Kissing Booth

You get cash and kisses. Win/win.

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Photo: The Paper Mama

9. Two Words: Heart Bacon

If the bacon doesn’t come heart-shaped, I’m sending it back.

10. Buy Valentine’s Day Pajamas

Wake up feeling festive AF.

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11. Become a Flatlay Expert

You can do this while still wearing your Valentine’s Day pajamas.

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12. Go Around Shooting People with Bows and Arrows

Cupid isn’t real? Bitch, you are Cupid.

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13. Surprise Your Loved Ones with Affirmation Sticky Note Hearts

I’ll take 20 compliments to-go, please.


14. Be the Only One

Gift yourself (or bae) with Dolce & Gabbana’s top-rated fragrance and let the bottle’s message be your guiding mantra.

15. Create the Ultimate V-Day Sweets Spread

Every shade of pink must be included.

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16. Kiss Your Balloons

Better than nothing, right? (Please don’t actually try to make out with a balloon.)

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Ideas

17. Draw Yourself a Bath (and Take Photos of the Set-Up)

Yeah, I do eat chocolate-covered strawberries in the bathtub. What of it?

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18. Put Up a Valentine’s Day Tree

Haven’t taken your Christmas tree down just yet? No worries.

19. Buy Yourself a Huge-Ass Bag of Flowers

You deserve this.

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20. Create a Giant Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

Not really sure how this works logistically, but it’s definitely extra.

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21. Make Candy Jewelry

It’s jewelry that you can eat. What more could you possibly want?

22. Have a Valentine’s Day Bonfire

Whether it’s you and a hot date or hanging out with friends, it’s the coziest way to spend V-Day.

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23. Make V-Day Piñatas

Take out all your pent-up anger about your dumb ex on these piñatas! And after, there’s candy!

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24. Get Heart Balloons Bigger than Your Head

And if a photo shoot happens, that’s just a total coincidence, right?

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25. Host a Valentine’s Day Tea Party

If we’ve learned anything from watching Eloise, it’s that nothing’s more extra than a fancy tea party.

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26. Get this Enormous Heart Made of Balloons

Totally worth whatever you spend on it.

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27. Make this Googly-Eye Heart Thing

IDK what the point is, but it’s fun (and extra), so who cares?

28. Put Chocolate-Covered Strawberries on Cupcakes

Combining two delicious things is (almost) always a good idea.

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29. Wear this Extra AF Cupid Outfit

It’s perfect for literally any occasion.

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30. Do Some V-Day-Themed Makeup Art

Legit just a super extra move.

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31. Host a Crafting Soiree

It’s the perfect time to show off how many crafting supplies you have stuffed into the closet.

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Photo: WhoWhatWear

32. Flaunt your V-Day Street Style

Celebrate the holiday in style—and take a bunch of photos for the ‘gram.

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33. Make Fun of the Whole Holiday

Grab some pithy statement decor and host an anti-Valentine’s Day party.

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34. Host a Wine Tasting

What? You’re cultured.

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35. Make Tiny Heart-Shaped Pizzas

Heart-shaped pizza is a classic way to be extra (and also have an excuse to eat pizza).

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Ideas

36. DIY Your Own Bath Bombs

It’s the perfect thing to show off in your luxurious bath set-up pictures.

37. Bake Punny Cookies

Have your puns and eat them too.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Ideas

38. Create Pins with Your Fave Heartthrobs on Them

Mine will just be 10 different pictures of Timothee Chalamet.

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39. Give Your Lover a Thirsty AF Card

There’s no shame in asking for what you want this Valentine’s Day.

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Photo: A Beautiful Mess

40. DIY This Hanging Flower Heart

So freakin’ extra.

41. Dress Up Your Dogs

Dogs fall in love too!

42. Treat Yourself to Some New Lingerie

I have my eye on these lingerie pieces, but, you know, do you.

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43. Be That Person Who Orders Every Pink Drink Ever

Your drink’s gotta match the colors of the day, OK?!

44. Host a Classic Instagrammable Sleepover

Pizza and She’s the Man are an absolute must.

45. Pop the Question

But only if you’re really going to go all out.

46. Buy a Super Sexy New Dress

There’s no better way to be extra than dressing in a hot-ass Valentine’s Day ensemble.

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47. Go to a Rooftop Hot Tub Cinema

Honestly this is so extra and my ideal Valentine’s Day activity.


A version of this story was originally published in 2017.