26 Chic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Partner, Your Galentine—Or Yourself

Bella Gerard
26 Chic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Partner, Your Galentine—Or Yourself
Photo: Courtesy of We're Not Really Strangers; Tom Ford, Oh La La Cherie; Prada; Thompson Ferrier; Adobe.

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What can I say, I love love! Even though I’m single, I’m obsessed with sorting through Valentine’s Day gift ideas, be they for your partner, your Galentine or (the person I’ll be shopping for!) yourself. So many people tend to make V-Day all about romantic relationships, but really, it’s about love—and whatever that means to you.

Of course, there are the obvious V-Day gifts: chocolates, flowers, teddy bears. But let’s be honest, we’re all a little sick of them! This year, I’m thinking more along the lines of sexy signature scents, charcuterie for your cutie and dried blooms that will last way longer than a dozen cheesy red roses.

To be clear, Valentine’s Day isn’t all about gifts. Write your partner or Galentine a letter and let them know how much they mean to you! Personal touches are what really make your romantic Valentine’s celebration one to remember, so don’t think you have to splurge to win over your boo. That said, if you do want to surprise them with a gift or two, the ones on this list are pretty damn good.

Read on for 26 gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, BFF or yourself. And if you’re single this year, please treat yourself! Self-love is perhaps the most important kind of love, so blast Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself” and scroll through while you add to cart.

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For Your Partner

valentines day gifts actually curious  26 Chic Valentines Day Gifts For Your Partner, Your Galentine—Or Yourself

A Cute Card Game

This ain’t your average card game
. Play it with your partner to explore better understand their values, background and views. The conversations might be a little hard at first, but they’re worth it.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of The Bouqs.

A Stunning Bouquet

Roses are classic, but this updated alternative also features berries, red hypericum and alstroemerias. Buy it as a one-off or subscribe to The Bouqs for new flowers every month.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Lord Jones.

Something Sweet

This set of nine CBD-infused gumdrops is the perfect way to help your partner de-stress this Valentine’s Day. Each one contains 20mg of CBD, so prepare to feel calm ASAP.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of WoodLifePrints/Etsy.

Something Special & Personalized

Give yourself enough time to order something personalized to your relationship, like this star map depicting the night sky the evening you first met, on your first date or when you had your first kiss. So cute and thoughtful—and if you live together, it’s a gift for you, too!


Courtesy of Diptyque.

This Candle To Set The Mood

If your partner loves a specific smell, find a candle you know they’ll adore. Or, go for one like this one by Diptyque
that smells like a bouquet of freshly-picked tuberose.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Prada.

A Luxury Splurge

This year, treat your partner to a little something bougie! In my eyes, a designer cardholder is a great gift for anyone—it’s a fairly-affordable luxury option, they’ll use it every day and it just looks fancy. Only the best for your boo!


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Tom Ford.

A Sexy Scent

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is such a great unisex fragrance, but any perfume or cologne you think your partner might like is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Don’t forget to spritz it on them before you get down and dirty so you can enjoy the scent, too!

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of We’re Not Really Strangers.

This Game To Bring You Together

If you’ve never played We’re Not Really Strangers with your partner, prepare for a night of open, honest communication like never before. And some fun, too! Bonus points if you also get the Relationship Expansion Pack.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of With Clarity.

 Some Fancy Jewelry

If you aren’t ready for a diamond ring just yet, how about a gorgeous pair of lab diamond earrings? With Clarity has tons of lab diamond pieces that are just as sparkly (and far more affordable!) than the real thing. My advice? Skip the cheesy V-Day heart motifs and get something that aligns with the style of jewelry they actually like. This pair is so chic!


For Your Galentine

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Flower by Edie Parker.

An Unexpected Jewelry Box

If you’ve got to keep something safe, keep it safe in style. This bright box by Flower by Edie Parker is *technically* meant to store weed, but it can totally be used as a jewelry box, too. Let your BFF decide based on their needs.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Only Hearts.

A Set of Lacy Lingerie

This Only Hearts bralette is stunning
but still comfy and low-key, meaning your BFF can wear it it every single day. Plus, if black isn’t your bestie’s go-to, it comes in three other colors and even has some matching undies


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Kristin Ess.

A Dainty Hair Accessory

A pretty gift from Target that’s the definition of “bang for your buck,” this pretty pearl hair accessory by Kristin Ess retails for only eight dollars! Just hook this pearl bauble onto a plain black hair tie and it elevates any ponytail or updo.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Hanky Panky.

A Bouquet of Undies

OK, this is SO much better than receiving actual flowers. This Hanky Panky thong six-pack comes in the most gorgeous lucite box and lets you choose from classic pink and red floral hues to brights like blue, yellow and orange.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Chantecaille.

Some Bougie Makeup

Get your glam Galentine the palette she’s been eyeing! Chantecaille’s Butterfly Eye Quartet is a brand-new drop with some seriously dreamy shimmer shades. Plus, this product benefits the Xerces Society, so you’ll help protect butterflies with every purchase.


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

This Swivel Cheeseboard

A charcuterie board for your charCUTErie Galentine! Get it? You two can use this baby to host the ultimate girl’s night in, or whip it out every Monday when you meet up to watch The Bachelor. Plus, you can get it engraved!

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of The Everygirl.

A 2021 Planner

It’s the start of the year, AKA perfect planner-gifting season! Buy your BFF one that looks so good, she’ll be excited to write in it every single day. The Everygirl makes super affordable options that feel luxe, like this one in pink faux leather.


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Halluci.

These Fluffy Slippers

If you didn’t already buy your friend these cross band slippers at some point in quarantine, you owe it to her now to do so! Seriously, though—a chic fluffy slipper is a 2021 essential and this Halluci pair
comes in 12 colors. This two-toned neutral option is my personal fave.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Umbra.

This Jewelry Tray

I have this and I can vouch that it looks fancy AF IRL! If your BFF is one of those girls who loves piling on chunky gold chains and cute rings, she’ll adore this dual-level display tray
for showing off and storing her fave pieces.


For Yourself

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of L*Space.

A Luxe Loungewear Set

You need this three-piece set from L*Space—its perfect for long days spend on the couch and comes in two colors (The light blue is seriously cute, but the hot pink screams V-Day). Pick up the matching cami and the fuzzy shorts to complete the look. Real clothes? I don’t know her.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Kendra Scott.

A Heart-Shaped Necklace

This pendant from Kendra Scott is made from rose quartz, a seriously powerful healing stone that opens the wearer’s heart to all kinds to love. With that in mind, why not show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day with some cute jewelry?!


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Foria.

This Sexy CBD Set

It’s been a long year already, so this limited-edition 4-piece set from Foria will help you relax—and get in the mood. The products included are the Awaken Arousal Oil, Intimacy Lubricant and Intimacy Suppositories, and they come in deluxe mini sizes so you’ll be ready anytime, anywhere.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Skechers.

A Fresh Pair of Kicks

Upgrade your sneaker game with a colorful pair from Skecher’s exclusive collaboration with muralist James Goldcrown. These classic white kicks are decked out Goldcrown’s signature #LoveWall design.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Oh La La Cheri.

Some Sexy AF Lingerie

If no one else is buying you lingerie this Valentine’s Day, buy it your damn self! Ditch the loungewear for the evening and remind yourself how hot you are. TBH, buying myself lingerie is one of my very favorite ways to say, “I love me.”

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Anthropologie.

These Gorg Dried Flowers

Please don’t mope about no one buying you flowers this year. Buy yourself a dried bouquet to last all! year! long! And longer still! These gorgeous dried blooms are the perfect home decor piece to add some natural beauty to your space and remind you that you’re always worthy of flowers.

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Wemore.

This Snuggly Weighted Blanket

If you’re cozying up for a V-Day night in spent rewatching Sex And The City, cuddle up in this sherpa weighted blanket
that will never cheat on you/lie to you/binge-watch hot TikTok girls when you aren’t looking. What can I say—weighted blankets beat actual partners in a lot of ways!

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Mina Heal.

Some Good-Energy Crystals

Rose quartz
is the stone of universal love, so it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give yourself for some great romantic energy this year. Whether you’re seeking a partner, working to strengthen familial relationships or just want to focus on self-love, a little reminder is always welcome.

A version of this article previously appeared in November 2018.

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