The Perfect Gift To Give Your Valentine, According To Their Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Valentine, According To Their Zodiac Sign
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How many times have you used your date’s zodiac sign to look up your compatibility before or after a first date? Be honest. Whether you believe in love at first sight or fate in the form of a promising Hinge date, a quick Google search about someone’s sign is a surefire way to find out if your love is really written in the stars. If you’ve made it past the search results, congratulations! Next up is a successful relationship—and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you want to get your partner the perfect gift. My advice? Consult astrology and buy your Valentine’s Day gift based on your partner’s zodiac sign.

Before you read any further, I feel obligated to tell you that I am a Gemini (take that as you will). I know, with my extroverted, clever (yet unreliable) temper, I may not seem qualified to recommend a gift for a sensitive Pisces. But luckily, I am reasonably self-aware and know that in order to curate the best gift list possible, I have to consult my group chat of astrology-loving friends, who span every sign in the zodiac. 

No matter who you’re shopping for, I guarantee there’s a good gift on this list to consider. Buying a gift for a friend on Valentine’s Day is just as fun and significant as picking out a gift for a romantic partner, so whether you’re throwing a Galentine’s Day get-together or finding your Leo partner the perfect present, I’ve got you covered.

Just remember—astrology is merely a guide. My best friend is a Virgo, and told me she doesn’t get along with Geminis (which again, is what I am). Lucky for me, she stuck around and will now be getting the Lululemon yoga mat on this list as her Galentine’s gift. Read on for more inspo below!

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Better Love.

Aries: Something Bold 

Ah Aries, our bold leader. She is passionate and determined to have fun, which is why a sex toy is the best gift for Valentine’s Day. She knows what she likes and is confident enough to literally take matters into her own hands. The Better Love Stella clitoral stimulator will do just the trick with its “tongue like” action and three speed options.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Olaplex.

Leo: Something Glamorous 

Chances are, the person you can’t take your eyes off of in a crowded room is charming Leo. They are often the life of the party and love a little extra attention. Leos are expecting to get noticed, so you’d better believe they make sure they looks good. Help them out with their 10-step beauty routine by treating them to some luxe Olaplex haircare products.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Lomography.

Sagittarius: Something Adventurous 

What a Sagittarius really wants for Valentine’s Day is a spontaneous weekend getaway. Help them capture all of the carefree memories with a 35mm film camera! A film camera will ensure that you’ll both be able to put your phones away and live in the moment all weekend long. This film camera from Urban Outfitters is easy to get the hang of, so your Sag can practice full creative freedom.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Ganni.

Taurus: Something Luxurious 

A taurus isn’t interested in watching TikToks about designer dupes—they want the real thing! Show your love is as real as a designer bag (without breaking the bank) by getting something from a smaller It Girl brand like Ganni. This envelope shoulder bag with a ball chain strap will make her look and feel extra-valued by you.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Lululemon.

Virgo: Something Practical 

I asked my Virgo best friend what she wanted for Valentine’s day and she said “a five-year plan”. While you can’t wrap that up nicely, you can get get them something practical to use everyday that will also help them relax. This yoga mat from Lululemon will help your Virgo boo feel centered while showing them that they’re the center of your universe.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Capricorn: Something Ambitious 

Capricorns are known for being ambitious and determined to get. things. done. Help them make it all happen with a cute planner! Chances are, dinner dates or a girl’s night have to be penciled in if you want to be involved in Capricorn’s busy schedule. This planner from Anthropologie includes monthly and weekly layouts, plus sticker sheets (because Caps are fun, too).

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Our Place.

Gemini: Something Versatile 

OK, I know I’ve got this recommendation right because this is what I would want as a Valentine’s Day gift. Geminis often get a bad rap with the “two-faced” stereotype, when all we really are is versatile. Get your Gemini a gift that is as practical and versatile as they are, like the Always Pan by Our Place. This pan works for cooking every type of meal and will be the most useful addition to their kitchen.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Dr. Jart+.

Libra: Something Balancing

Libras are balanced, diplomatic and enjoy molding their personalities to fit whatever setting they’re in. Above all, Libra’s feel good in their own skin. A high-quality face mask will help keep that skin glowy in between a packed social calendar! This pink face mask from Dr. Jart+ is packed with collagen—and it’s honestly just really fun to use. A Libra will probably intuitively already know to do this, but putting the face mask in the fridge before use will yield the best results.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Penguin Random House.

Aquarius: Something Creative

If you’re friends with an Aquarius, you probably know that they are often in their own head, going over eccentric ideas and creative visions. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is a book for creative thinkers that’s filled with prompts, task lists and inspirational quotes. I’ve been seeing this book recommended all over my TikTok FYP as a great way to take action on creative vision. No doubt, an Aquarius will love it.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Boy Smells.

Cancer: Something Nurturing 

Theres’ a good chance that the Cancer in your life is a total homebody. They are nurturing and love to create a warm and welcoming space to thrive in. The best way to set the mood in any room is with a candle. Slow Burn by Boy Smells was made in collaboration with Kacey Musgraves and is the perfect gift for a Cancer. Make sure to have the latest Kacey album on when you give it to them for bonus points!

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Skims.

Scorpio: Something Passionate 

Scorpios are passionate, and that definitely shows through in their relationships. A Scorpio would love anything from SKIMS—after all, who can forget when Kim Kardashian declared her strong passion for her brand on KUWTK. “Maybe if you had a f—ing business you were passionate about, you’d know what it takes to run a f—ing business, but you don’t”, Kim said (OK, shouted) to Kourtney.

I digress. This silk teddy lingerie from SKIMS will certainly add some sexy fire to Scorpio’s passion.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Valentine's Day Gifts

Courtesy of Venus et Fleur.

Pisces: Something Romantic 

If there is anyone that will appreciate a classic Valentine’s Day gift, it’s a Pisces. Pisces are romantic, empathetic and sensitive. These flowers from Venus et Fleur are eternity roses that will last for over a year with proper care. A Pisces will cherish these flowers as a reminder of your love every day and will appreciate the symbolism of the eternity rose.

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