Valentine’s Day Gifts: What’s He Really Trying To Say?

Valentine’s Day Gifts: What’s He Really Trying To Say?
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As women, it’s hard not to over analyze every move our guys make. He responded to my last text with a “yup” is he mad at me? He didn’t call me to say goodnight oh no, is it over? He kissed me goodbye on the cheek does he just want to be friends? Ok girls, these are the moments your boyfriend wants to scream, “chill the f*** out already!” Keep acting like this and he’ll definitely just want to be friends… if you’re lucky.

For the most part, we tend to read way too much into the things guys do and say. And my advice will almost always be to stop with the picking. But like everything in life, there’s an exception to every rule. There’s one days a year that you have my undying support to pick away: Valentine’s Day. So, with the big day just a few day away, here is a guide to interpreting what his gifts are really saying to you. Click through and good luck hopefully you still have a boyfriend after this.

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The good news is that if your man is gifting you with lingerie, then he finds you totally sexy, and is more than ready for a pillow sess! But he's also a bit selfish, because this is obviously a self-serving gift. At the end of the day, he'll enjoy it more than you will. Don't complain – it could be a lot worse.

Run! If your man shows up empty handed, then it's time to seriously re-evaluate your relationship. Sadly, he doesn't really care whether you end things or not. In fact, not getting you anything is probably his way of getting you to break up with him. That way,  he's technically not the heartbreaker. Touché!

Candy and Flowers
Womp womp. I'd advise you to find a guy with a little more originality. Of course it's nice to get flowers (duh), but is there anything more cliche than flowers on Valentine's Day? This means that your boyfriend has seen all thr rom-coms you've dragged him to and knows what to do in order to put in the least amount of work possible for your gift. Sorry!

He's in it for the long haul. We're not talking about a $10 piece of junk that will innevitably break after the first time you wear it. If your guy is throwing down real dough for a significant piece of jewelry, then the ring probably isn't too far off. He sees you as special enough to go above and beyond for any day of the year, not just Valentine's Day.

A thoughtfully handwritten card
All I have to say is, well played my friend! If your man is thoughtful enough to write you a card, then you know he really cares. And I'm not talking about a cheesy, already-written in Hallmark card with his name signed at the end. I'm talking poured his heart into kind of card. If you're bitching about not getting something material, then your shallow and don't deserve him anyway.

A stuffed animal of any kind
If your guy gets you a stuffed animal, then I'm sorry to say your guy is just not that into you. Sure, he thinks your cute and sweet – but then again, those are the same characteristics he'd probably use to describe his little sister. Hence the teddy bear.

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