Valentine’s Day Gifts, What the StyleCaster Team Wants!

Valentine’s Day Gifts, What the StyleCaster Team Wants!
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After taking a StyleCaster interoffice survey about what our Team really wants for Valentine’s Day, it is clear that there is a true gender distinction when it comes to the Hallmark holiday. The guys, who have probably spent more than a few Valentine’s Days racking their brains to figure out just what we coy girls want, have taken the high road of romanticism . . . turning their noses up at material goods. The girls on the other hand . . . well, I think our Style and Market Editor, Janice Chou said it best: “This year, although I’ll feign neo-feminism disinterest and say something like, ‘Oh, I just want time with you,’ I’m totally lying, Valentine. Send me white roses, and lots of them . . .”

Moral of the story, guys, is that your girlfriend not only wants a romantic dinner at a restaurant that booked up for Valentine’s Day last May (you did make that reservation, right?) she also wants flowers, a Proenza Schouler bag, a Truffle Hunting Pig, excessive amounts of jewelry, and footwear. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Girls, you’re off the hook, but don’t forget a sugary sweet Hallmark card to satiate his idyllic outlook on the day.

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Joseph D’Arco, StyleCaster’s Photographer: "Soooooo, my ideal valentines day would be getting away for the weekend with my girlfriend to the middle of nowhere. Pretty much anywhere with a fireplace, no people, and no cell phone reception."

Janice Chou, StyleCaster’s Style and Market Editor: "Every Valentine's Day I modestly insist I don't want any gifts because I'm a girl and these are the passive aggressive, mind trick games I am conditioned to play. This year, although I'll feign neo-feminism disinterest and say something like, "Oh, I just want time with you," I'm totally lying, Valentine. Send me white roses and lots of them. To my office. In an ostentatious manner just short of a singing candy-gram."

Dee Grossman, StyleCaster's Fashion Assistant: "WHAT I ABSOLUTELY NEED for Valentine's to make it not as much of a devastation when I don’t get those 2 dozen roses from my imaginary boyfriend is Surface to Air Platforms and the first season of my favorite show from my childhood “Are you Afraid of the Dark”. That should be enough to cushion the realization of becoming a cat lady..."

Blake Martin, StyleCaster’s Video Production Manager: "Time alone with my Boo with our phones and computers turned OFF, maybe wandering through a museum or ice skating by the Plaza."

Amanda Shortall, StyleCaster’s Account Executive: "A Truffle Hunting Pig"

Kerry Pieri, StyleCaster’s Fashion News Director: A PS1 Pouchette in White leather "Before you dismiss my desired Valentine’s Day gift as frivolous, just consider that classic items like a perfect clutch make for an ideal metaphor for our love – both are forever. Can you even put an $895 price tag on forever?"

Stephen Blackwell, StyleCaster Media Group's Content Director "Health insurance"

Sami, StyleCaster’s Producer: "What I want for Valentine’s Day is to introduce my amazing girlfriend to my equally amazing niece, Lina, who turns three on February 14. My awesome ladies + cake + a pinata + me being chased around by a packing of screaming three year-olds = a Valentine’s Day to remember."

Alyssa Vingan, StyleCaster’s Associate Editor: "My birthday falls on the day immediately following Valentine's Day, so most years, I have some sort of joint celebration. At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, this year I want two separate days of observance – I'm sure the boyfriend won't mind springing for two dates in a row!"

Andrea, StyleCaster’s Content Manager: "What I want for Valentine’s Day is for guys to stop being such big ol’ douche bags! Let me elaborate... After a recent conversation with some of my guy friends, they informed me that girls like it better when guys treat them poorly. I think the exact quote was, 'treat them like dirt, they’ll stick to your shirt.' Yes I know, great friends! Word to all d-bags out there, in the end, you will lose!!! That is all!"

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