Valentina: Model is Second to Cause Photoshop Uproar for Ralph Lauren


People still haven’t stopped talking about the overly-Photoshopped Ralph Lauren ad featuring model Filippa Hamilton that has been causing an uproar over the past couple of weeks. News of another impossibly thin model in one of their Australian ads comes at an inopportune time for the fashion brand.

Model Valentina Zelyaeva, who has worked as one of the faces of Ralph Lauren since 2005, recently popped up on the company’s Australian website and in a store in Sydney looking much thinner than usual. In the extra-Photoshopped ads, the Russian-born model’s hips and waist appear much smaller than her shoulders, therefore rendering her figure unbelievable. If Zelyaeva has been working for the Ralph Lauren brand for so long, why the sudden need to change her figure? Ralph Lauren apologized for the incident explaining that the image used was a mistake and that it is “completely inconsistent with our creative standards and brand values.”

Last night at a New York Public Library event, Vogue‘s creative director, Grace Coddington, spoke out about the recurring issue of extreme thinness in the modeling industry, and stated that she didn’t think that all the blame should be placed on the designer. And with all the issues that the modeling and fashion industry has faced with this problem in the past, she has a point; is this really anything new? By speaking up and publicly apologizing for the company’s actions, we think Ralph Lauren took a noble path in dealing with the situation, and hopefully this will bring awareness to other Photoshop-happy employees next time they plan on slimming down.