There Were Vaccuum-Packed Models at a Paris Fashion Week Show

Meghan Blalock

If there’s one positive thing social media has introduced to the world of fashion, it’s the ability to be immediately aware of all the notable and (frankly) weird things that can go on at fashion shows the world over. In today’s edition: Twitter and Instagram are currently blowing up as the result of designer Iris Van Herpen, who dotted her runway with vaccuum-packed models.

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The avant-garde French designer is known for her commitment to imaginative, futuristic designs—she was one of the first to walk 3D-printed creations down the runway—but this is next level.

In addition to your normal everyday models striding down the catwalk in six-inch heels, Iris also deployed models who appeared to be floating in mid-air above the runway—but were actually hermetically sealed inside giant plastic bags.

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The obvious concern from editors like The Cut’s Robin Givhan, who claimed to be so fixated on whether or not the vaccuum-packed models were actually breathing that she couldn’t even watch the show.

Check out more shots of the insanity, all culled from social media, below!