Links To Click: Urban Outfitter’s Largest Store Ever, Jay-Z’s Free Album, And More!

Meghan Blalock
urban outfitters

Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Get ready for your long weekend by feasting your mind on today’s most-read pieces of Internet gold today!

1. Urban Oufitters just signed the lease on a 56,730-square-foot space near Manhattan’s Herald Square. Watch out, Macy’s. [WWD]

2. It’s not too late to get Jay-Z’s forthcoming album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” for free. Download the Samsung-only app now. [Google Play]

3. Miley, are you listening? Madonna took to her Instagram last night to show off her brand new gold grill. [Instagram]

4. Every wonder exactly how much Macy’s 4th of July fireworks fiesta costs? Here’s the rundown of the massive event, by the numbers. [The Vivant]

5. Music legend Lou Reed has reviewed Kanye West’s album “Yeezus.” Find out what he thinks of it. [NME]

6. Is Chanel using their cool nail rings to try to get rid of the nail art trend? One editor weighs in. [Beauty High]

7. Stay away, UV rays! Find out how to make your self tanner last longer. [Daily Makeover]

8. Avril Lavigne’s first official wedding photo is here! Yes, she wore black. [People]

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