Get What You (Really) Want With These 7 Untraditional Wedding Registries

registry Get What You (Really) Want With These 7 Untraditional Wedding Registries

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To many modern women, the concept of  wedding registries can an epic headache, and a dated throwback. Firstly, people seem to forget that wedding registries were originally created at a time when people didn’t move out of their parents houses until they got married, so needing things to “start their lives” with was a necessity. Today, most of us have lived on our own for years before getting hitched, and we already have several household items that don’t really need to be replaced just yet.

Still, we often succumb to the pressures of registering at generic box-box stores because it’s what our parents think we should do, or because quickly throwing a ton of stuff up on a registry is the easiest thing, only to wind up with a house crammed with junk that you never really wanted. Overall, it’s a concept that could use a little tweaking.

Lucky for us, a crop of super-modern sites have emerged that offer engaged couples alternatives to the standard fine-china and serving-spoon registries. Instead, users can customize what they legitimately want and know they’ll use, including things such as unique home decor items from little-known boutiques, a starter wine “cellar,” or simply monetary gifts to put toward their dream home or honeymoon. Read on to get the scoop on 7 untraditional registries to consider!

This smart site lets you register for gifts from any store in the world, but culls them all into one personalized registry with a custom link. It’s definitely a bit more useful for couples who might want a thing or two from a certain retailer, but not more than that. The site is also useful for couples looking to break out of the traditional serving plate-style registries and set up cash gift funds with titles like “Our Honeymoon Fund” or  “New House Fund.”

For folks who can’t bear the thought of filling their home with even more stuff, Just Give makes it easy for guests to donate to over 1.8 million charities of your choice in lieu of an engagement gift or a wedding gift.

3. Hatch My House
Hatch My House is an innovative registry concept that asks guests to forego giving couples silverware, china, or pots, and instead asks them to contribute to a fund that’ll be used for couples to start saving for  a down payment or renovation of a home. Think it’s tacky? The site has some good explanations as to why it’s perfectly modern and acceptable.

4. Card Avenue
Everyone loves a gift card, and this site—the first of its kind—made it its mission to allow couples to customize a wedding registry entirely built around them. Couples who sign up get a personalized website address and immediate access to a gift card finder to track down the cards you want. Other services include email and web announcements for guests, a management portal to update your registry, and a pool of gift cards from over 500 stores, restaurants and services.

5. Knack
Knack is a flexible all-in-one site that lets couples tailor their own registries by adding items they want from basically any website. There’s also a cool Knack catalog if you need some inspiration, which features gifts sourced from artists, artisans and boutiques across the country. If traditional gifts aren’t your thing, you can also create listings for honeymoon donations, cooking classes, or pretty much anything else.

6. Newlywish
A super-modern site that lets couples create a registry filled with things like kitchen equipment and home decor items, spas and fitness centers, dancing lessons, museum memberships, and sporting and cultural events. Users can choose from a variety of both online and brick and mortar boutiques, and browse items according to taste and style.

7. Bottlenotes
A collaboration between Bottlenotes and the country’s top wine shop, Sherry-Lehmann, this service allows couples to register for wine as wedding gifts. There are thousands of bottles to choose from, and you can choose them yourself, choose a pre-selected “starter cellar,” or get a little help from Sherry-Lehmann registry associate.

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