The Chic-as-Hell $49 Pants You Need In Every Color



I’m a person who, when she finds something she loves, has to fight a guttural instinct to buy more than one. “What if I lose it?” I’ve asked myself, which seems unlikely if the item in question is a sweater. “What if spill wine all over it?” Something that’s quite likely, and has obliterated many a white silk blouse, making me wish I had a spare hanging in my closet. Still, it’s an urge I fight—I know it’s unnecessary to own three pairs of the same shoes I’ll only reach for once in a blue moon, or four styles of the same shirt just because I like it. But once in awhile, I come across a garment so functional, that I know for a fact I’ll wear to death, and my hoarding kicks in.

Currently, that item is a pair of super-wide cropped gaucho pants from Uniqlo’s second collaboration with designer Christophe Lemaire. Available in four neutral colors—black, white, tan, and navy—they’re made from 100% cotton, so they’re incredibly lightweight but also retain structure, making them look perhaps a bit more expensive than they actually are.

On my 5’2 frame, they hit right above the ankle, a length that makes them a bit more interesting than your standard culottes, and lends itself to both sneakers and heels (particularly ankle-strap platforms, my height-booster of choice.)

At $49.90, I wanted all four colors, and wrangled an internal struggle worthy of Macbeth in the store before settling on black and white. Turns out, they’re currently part of an online promo, clocking in $39, so I’ll absolutely be snagging another pair, which I’ll wear all spring and summer with everything from sweatshirts to button-downs.

Check them out—and buy all four colors—here