Ungaro Taps Lohan as Artistic Advisor


Back in July Emanuel Ungaro split ways with head designer Esteban Cortazar. At the same time, rumors flew that Ungaro was looking for a celebrity face for the brand. Well, it happened today. Lindsay Lohan has been named “artistic advisor” for the Emanuel Ungaro brand.

Estrella Archs was also named the chief designer, but I’m pretty sure no one noticed.

Lohan, who wants to take the brand to a “younger place,” is expected to take the final bow with Archs at their fashion show in Paris on October 4. The actress will wrap filming in two days for Robert Rodriguez‘s Machete, an ensemble thriller also starring Robert De Niro, Cheech Marin, Steven Segal, and Jessica Alba and is in New York for Fashion Week, according to Twitter.

I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, but the words hot mess come to mind.

Maybe Linds will impart some of her vampire inspiration on the collection.