‘Full House’ Fatigue? Lifetime is Making an Unauthorized Movie Based on the Show

 Full House Fatigue? Lifetime is Making an Unauthorized Movie Based on the Show

If you’re not already suffering from “Full House” fatigue thanks to last week’s news that the beloved ’90s sitcom is returning to Netflix for a 13-episode sequel (and subsequent “where are they now?!” headlines), you might start feeling it soon: Lifetime just announced plans to air an unauthorized movie based on the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Unauthorized Full House Story” will take a behind-the-scenes look at the show over the course of eight seasons, though it seems more likely that the network is looking to capitalize on all the buzz rather than spill any juicy secrets, because it doesn’t really seem like any drama went on during the sitcom’s run, as the cast frequently talks about how they’ve remained friendly.

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Still, “unauthorized” tell-alls are Lifetime’s bread and butter: Last year, we got the “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story,” which was based  on Screech’s  Dustin Diamond’s scandalous tell-all book Behind The Bell, where he revealed what  life was like behind the scenes and on the hormone-fueled set of the iconic teen series. Diamond revealed that everyone (aside from himself, of course) was doing drugs, sleeping together, and some were even having threesomes.

This kicked off a slew of press and secret-hunting that the network probably won’t find with “Full House.” It also bombed in ratings, so it remains to be seen just how eager folks will be to watch actors try and dramatize what it was like playing Uncle Jesse, Danny, Joey, DJ, Stephanie, little Michelle and the rest of the gang.


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