What’s Going on With Uma Thurman’s Face?! The Actress Looks Unrecognizable

Apart from her kick-ass acting abilities, Uma Thurman has long been known as a unique beauty, and while that hasn’t exactly changed, she showed up to the premiere party for her new miniseries “The Slap” on Monday looking like a different person. Like, very different.

uma thurman plastic surgery

Uma, is that you? (Photo: WENN)

So, what happened here? The Daily Mail talked to Mark Norfolk, Clinical Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery, who said:  ‘Uma certainly looks like she’s undergone a dramatic transformation and in my opinion, she’s looking too overdone. The thing that strikes me most is that her eye area looks very different. It looks as though she’s had a recent lower blepharoplasty treatment, also known as eye bag removal. She isn’t wearing any eyeliner or mascara, probably in order to avoid infection from the new surgery.”

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He added: “Her face shape seems to have changed significantly – her face looks less defined. I would say that she’s probably had a recent course of strong chemical peels as well as some dermal filler injected into the cheeks and nasal labial area; which is all contributing to this swollen-looking finish as it can have this effect immediately after undergoing these treatments.


Sadly, this seems to be a growing trend with women in Hollywood—ahem, Renee Zellweger-gate—but it’s not just reserved for the over over-4o set anymore.

Reality star Kylie Jenner is only 17 years old and appears to have had every inch of her face surgically altered (calm down, manic fans—we said appeared), while Mary Kate Olsen made headlines last November for her dramatically different visage, not to mention other stars like Kate Bosworth, Megan Fox, Claire Danes, and more who’ve never publicly commented on their changing faces, but—when you see photos from when they started out—clearly look like new women.

Need proof that Uma may have gone under the knife. Check out the below photo of her on Monday, then the one from December 2013.

uma thurman plastic surgery

Thurman in February 2015

uma thurman plastic surgery

Thurman in December 2013