Ultra Music Festival Announces Line Up


If you’re a loyal reader of the StyleCaster Pre-Launch Blog, by now you’ve probably picked up that:

1. Our office is freezing.
2. I live for dance parties.

Alas, when I read the line up for this spring’s Ultra Music Festival (UMF) in balmy Miami, Florida, I nearly threw up my excitement onto my keyboard. Santogold! Cut Copy! Hercules and Love Affair! Bloc Party! Greatest. Dance. Party. ever…?

Basically, UMF combines everything that is seriously lacking in my life right now– heat and dancing (which is absent because of the lack of heat). Tickets for UMF are on sale now with the festival set for Friday, March 27th and Saturday, March 28th, 2009. UMF just became the ultimate dance party for spring break (if you’re still in school) or the break you make in spring (for us post-grads).

Even though it’s freezing out here in New York and spring feels impossibly far away, buy yourself a little hope with this fun, quasi-tropical Epice small yellow print scarf. Tie it onto your purse for a splash of color when you’re in the icy northern states but if you make it down south for UMF, tie it loosely around your neck as an adorable lightweight accessory.

I love scarves because they’re like necklaces but they don’t bruise my sternum or break when I jump up and down during dance parties. Moreover, when I’m breaking a sweat, small scarves like this one make killer headbands and hide my greasy bangs and sweat. Did I just reveal too much about myself? Oh, awkward.