Uh Oh Gisele… Kathy Ireland Will Make You Run For Your $$

Liz Doupnik

It’s always mesmerizing how once runway ladies can parlay their success into an empire. We’ve seen Heidi Klum foray onto the small screen as the host of one of our favorite fashion reality TV show hosts and Gisele Bndchen, (on top of scoring a seriously hot husband), must have accumulated some amazing karma in a past life considering she makes a cool $45 million in just a year.

Looks another one of the glamazons is cruising past all these other beautiful moguls. Kathy Ireland is apparently boasting a net worth of $350 million IN ADDITION to a $2 billion from her sock company (say what?!) You heard me, socks.

The buxom Brazilian started a sock company in the 1990’s that Kmart picked up that eventually turned into clothes, rugs and even ceiling fans. We’re wondering if she’ll be teaching a class anytime soon, as we think we need to take a lesson or two from this lady.

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