Ugg Boots Are Coming Back in Style, According to Vogue

Ugg boots are incredibly good at keeping you cozy, but it’s so secret that the style has fallen out of favor with the fashion crowd in recent years.

The Australian shoe brand basically made the U.S. freak out around 10 years ago, and was instantly a major hit with just about everyone: celebrities (Sienna Miller and Kate Moss included), moms, teens, and even the style set. Any outfit that we might pair with ankle boots today used to be finished off with a fluffy pair of Uggs. Carrie Bradshaw even had a pair, which she famously styled with boyfriend jeans on “Sex and the City.”

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Today, it’s cool to scoff at the sheepskin boots—silly, considering they’re so warm—but apparently that’s all changing, according a recent trend report by Vogue UK.

The glossy magazine published an article earlier this week that heralds the return of the Ugg and claims that “a new generation of style stars have appropriated the ultra-comfortable boot.”

Instead of pairing yours with, say, pajamas and pizza, Vogue wants you to dress ’em up, and take them out. The editors make note of the boot’s basic and boho qualities, and say it’s all about embracing “throwback, grungy San Francisco style.”

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Vogue references our recent obsession with ugly-turned-cool Birkenstocks, and suggests it’s high time Uggs are brought back in the same way. The post includes a five-step guide to styling your pair this season, with tips like “wear with no make-up,” and “tracksuit bottoms are off the menu,” and even, “try fishnets.”

If Vogue‘s right, at the very least we’re in for a very cozy—and very comfortable winter.

What do you think? Are you planning to break your Uggs out of storage? Let us know in the comments below!