Uber Delivering Adoptable Kittens With the Press of a Button

Leah Bourne

Everyone’s favorite on-demand car service Uber has done lots of stunty things in the past—on-demand helicopter service to the Hamptons, on-demand ice cream—but its latest might just take the cake: on-demand kitten delivery service. (You read that right: kittens!)
Today is National Cat Day, and Uber has partnered with meme site Cheezburger to deliver kittens for snuggling, right to your door. The service is available in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.
Here’s how it works: Open up your Uber app between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time today, and you’ll see a “KITTENS!” option. If you are able to snag one of the kittens (Uber expects high demand, no surprise), you will then get an adoptable kitten (along with an animal shelter volunteer) delivered right to your door. You’ll get 15 minutes to play with the kitten, along with Ace of Cake cupcakes. Yes, that is basically as good as it gets.
The whole experience costs $20, and all the proceeds go to your local shelter.
For more information visit uber.com