Bad News For Mean People: Uber Drivers are Rating (and Blacklisting) You


how to check your uber rating

If you’ve ever used Uber, you’ll know that after every ride passengers are prompted to give the driver a rating–five stars for a perfect score, less if the car got lost, the driver was rude, or if there was a funky smell as soon as you got in. One thing we bet you didn’t know however, is that those Uber drivers you’ve been rating are rating you right back, baby.

If it always takes you longer than your friends for an Uber to accept your trip, it could be because former drivers kinda thought you were a bit of an asshole, and your user rating has been shot to pieces. You might even be on Uber’s blacklist.

One Uber driver who has been with the company for two years explained to CBS that the rating system is a two-way street.

“What we want is for people to respect the driver, and for drivers to respect the customer. We go above and beyond,” he said. “They can give us a low rating. It can go both ways. That way, we can police each other.”

Uber also admits that its drivers can refuse to pick-up low-scoring passengers.

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An Uber user who ended up on the blacklist told CBS how she got up there: “I asked the driver what was going on. And he basically told me I had a really low Uber rating: Under three out of five.”

No, she wasn’t overtly rude or difficult with drivers to deserve the score, she simply chose to work on her phone rather than chat during her ride: “I feel really judged for being blacklisted for not being really friendly,” she said.

Any passengers who manage to get a really low scores allegedly could be banned from using the service, or given a temporary cooling-off period.

If this news surprises you, you’re not alone. Until now finding out what your passenger rating is hasn’t been easy, but the next version of Uber’s app will clearly display the information. For now, you can find out your rating by sending a request to Uber, or by asking your next driver … If one ever accepts your trip.

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