Tziporah Salamon

Tziporah Salamon

Tziporah Salamon Style Profile

@tziporahsalamon (Photo: Melodie Jeng)

There’s rarely an instance where Bill Cunningham hasn’t taken her picture. If that doesn’t give you an idea of 65-year-old Tziporah Salamon’s fashion prowess, probably nothing will. Oh, and did we mention Tzippy also starred in a Lanvin ad campaign?

Most recently, she appeared in the Advanced Style documentary by director Lina Plioplyte, and she’s known throughout the city for her eccentric, artful approach to fashion. Here, she delves into what makes her tick.

How would you describe your style?
I’m an artist, and dressing is my art. I view dressing as if I were painting, but my paints are the clothes and accessories that I assemble together until they form the vision that I have in my mind. I’m the canvas, and my eyes are my brushes.

Who and what inspires your style?
Art, ancient cultures, Matisse, Russian Constructivism, the Ottoman Empire, Charlie Chaplin, old movies, Asia, chinoiserie, the Edo period, and Orientalism.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in New York City, and what do you like about those spots?
Upland has great energy and great food. Morandi is always a happy and chic place. Indochine is a favorite. Balthazar is consistently happening and delicious. And an old favorite for food and sheer quality is Omen, one of NYC’s best-kept secrets.

Is there a piece of clothing or an accessory you never leave home without?
I never leave home without a hat, a shawl in my bag, and red lipstick. They make up my signature look.