11 Types of Relationships You’ve Probably Been in At Least Once

Kristen Sollee, Women's Health
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There are as many types of relationships as there are types of guys: the one that breaks your heart, the one you barely remember, the one that makes you re-think everything you ever knew about love (or lust)…the list goes on. While some relationships have better outcomes than others, they all (hopefully) teach you something about what you’re looking for (and not looking for) when it comes to coupling. Who wants to get it right the first time, anyways—where’s the fun in that?

1. The All-Encompassing First Love
This one probably hurt like hell when it ended, but experiencing those early flurries of passion and lovesick attachment completely turned your world upside down. Even if you have no idea where your first love is, you’ll definitely never forget him.

2. The One Your Friends Say is Doomed from the Start
You’ll find yourself saying “No really, if you knew him, you’d understand!” But despite your best efforts to convince your friends/parents/manicurist, they’ll probably still swear this dude is not worth you time. Eh, they may be right, but some lessons you have to learn on your own.

3. The On-Again-Off-Again-On-Again One
Some months it’s hot, and others, not so much. It gets to the point where you just leave your relationship status on Facebook as “single” because it is just too annoying to keep changing it up. You can never really get it right, but you really, really try. And try. And try.

4. The Seasonal Relationship
Whether it’s a summer fling or winter boyfriend, this one is similar to the on-again-off-again bond, but way more predictable. It’s like football season—you start to get excited when it gets a little colder, knowing that the time has come to for you to pick up where you left off.

5. The One Where You Become Official in, Like, 24 Hours
They say to take it slow, but who freaking cares? You have to tell the WORLD that you’ve found each other! Screw the rules—you need to get tattoos of your names before the thrill is gone!

6. The One Where You Never Actually Become Official
Are you dating? Are you friends? Are you “special friends?” Who cares, it’s fun and easy and there’s no pressure in this set-up. (Except you actually really care and this is so beyond frustrating.)

7. The One You Literally Look Back at and Laugh About
Maybe this was the guy who swore he’d live at home forever or the one who was actually married the entire time you were dating. Yeah, it sucked, and it hurt pretty badly when it first blew up in your face. But now that you’re older and wiser, you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness you briefly put up with. Well, not going to make that mistake again!

8. The Strictly Textual Relationship
This guy doesn’t really count as a relationship—or does he? You met just that once, but your busy schedules keep you in different parts of the world. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a few playful sexts now and then. He’s kind of like the digital old faithful of dating, always popping up on your screen when you need him most.

9. The One You Change Your Wardrobe For
Maybe he’s a super-sharp dresser or he’s really into flannel and it ends up rubbing off on you. Even if it doesn’t last, you’ll have a few random pieces in your closet that will always remind you of him.

10. The One That’s ALL About the Sex
If epic orgasms were the basis of a strong, healthy relationship, this guy would be marriage material. But then one of you talks and you realize that you have literally nothing in common and it could never work long-term.

11. The One That Seems Like the Real Deal
This is the one where you’re like, “Okay, NOW I get it. This is what a relationship is!” Maybe it’s the one that lasts forever or maybe it’s just the first and in a string of serious relationships, but this thing is legit.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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