Kylie to Tyga: Don’t Worry About That Repossessed Ferrari—Here’s a Bentley!

Kylie to Tyga: Don’t Worry About That Repossessed Ferrari—Here’s a Bentley!
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On Tuesday, Tyga‘s Ferrari was repossessed. This is not the first time the rapper has had money issues, and likely won’t be the last. But don’t worry about a thing: his doting girlfriend Kylie Jenner gifted him with a $300,000 Bentley yesterday. So, all is well in the world.

Easy come, easy go: Your Ferrari gets repo’d, you get a Bentley as a present two days later. It all works out.

“So, fake stories came out today, and the blogs almost ruined it and said me and T were at the Bentley dealership when really it was only me,” Jenner explained on Snapchat, filming the white Bentayga. “And I had to lie to T and say, ‘I have no idea, T, what that story is. I was not at a Bentley dealership.’ But I was!”

Then Jenner popped on the dog filter and performed a couple of of selfie videos. “Did I lie to you?” she asked Tyga. “I’m speechless right now,” he said, sprouting Dalmatian ears and a snout. “The blogs almost fucking ruined it!” she added, a cartoon tongue springing from her mouth.

In the next vid, Tyga dances a little happy dance and then Jenner comes in for a kiss. “Hey,” he says. “Hey!” she replies. He responds by laughing at his good fortune to be dating a 19-year-old mogul.

A few hours before she Snapchatted Tyga’s glee, Jenner posted a cryptic shot of herself driving a car that may or may not be the Bentley, with that ring Tyga got her on her left ring finger. “Time is money,” she captioned the image.

Tyga also hit up Snapchat to celebrate this glorious occasion. He posted a pic of his new wheels, adding, “When ur lil baby cops u the Bentley truck and hides your Ferrari,” including, of course, a horse emoji. “Guess I can’t be mad.”

Unclear what, exactly that means, but—all’s well that ends well.

Here they are leaving Neuehouse Hollywood last night in the new whip.

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