Tyga Just Posted, Then Deleted, a Shot of Kylie Jenner in What Appears to Be His Bed


Getty Images

When someone posts and deletes a shot of his ex-girlfriend, who has seemingly moved on with someone else, in his bed, what does it mean? Draw your own conclusions, but Tyga did just that early this morning on Instagram, adding a photo of Kylie Jenner with the not-so-cryptic caption, “They always come back…”

It just so happens that Jenner starred in rumored new boyfriend PartyNextDoor’s latest music video, “Come and See Me,” which dropped yesterday and features the two of them kissing in the rain. Just after that, Tyga posted a shot of himself with model Amina Blue, whom he may or may not be dating (but it’s not the first time she has appeared on his IG).

It’s impossible to say for sure what is going on here, but it’s worth pointing out that the nude dress Kylie is wearing is the exact same one in which she appeared for her many Snapchats yesterday, including a thrilling documentary series about In-N-Out Burger messing up her order. Example:

Probably the whole thing is nothing, but the questions remain: How did Kylie wind up in Tyga’s bed (or some similar white-sheeted, fluffy-pillowed boudoir) last night? Are she and Tyga not-so-secretly hooking up? What is going on??

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