Two Of The Beatles’ Homes To Be Preserved As Landmarks

Jamie Rose

The lads of Liverpool will now forever be cemented in history. The childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are officially being preserved and made national landmarks.

Both of the homes have received “grade two listings,” which means that any construction that needs to be done must be approved by the British government. The two locations have also been fully restored to their original state.

Lennon and McCartney’s homes deserve to have this kind of recognition. The songs “Strawberry Fields,” “Penny Lane” and “Please Please Me” were written in the town, the latter being created at Lennon’s place.

Too bad George Harrison and Ringo Starr aren’t getting the credit they deserve. According to the English Heritage, their homes weren’t “really intense creative hubs.” Last time we checked, all members of The Beatles were pretty important and innovative.

We approve of this decision fully. A trip across the pond might just need to be in the near future.

Photo Credit: Sipa Press