Twitter Just Predicted Everything You Want to Know About the Oscars

Twitter predicts oscars winners

Photo: Wenn

Twitter is usually a good place to gauge how people are feeling about a certain topic. Whether it’s Rihanna‘s dress at the Grammy Awards, the weather, or politics, Twitter users rarely hold back their opinions. So as the 2015 Oscars approach, it seems obvious that if anyone–or anything– is going to be able to predict who the winners will be this Sunday, it’s Twitter.

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Analysts at the social media site have tried to do just that, digging through millions of tweets sent since the Oscars since nominees were announced on January 15.

By sifting through which nominees have been getting the most Twitter traction in Oscars-related tweets, they came up with a list of the most popular nominees in all of the major categories:

Best picture: “Selma”

Best actor in a leading role: Benedict Cumberbatch

Best leading actress in a leading role: Julianne Moore

Best actor in a supporting role: Mark Ruffalo

Best actress in a supporting role: Meryl Streep

twitter predicts oscars winners

While the results certainly aren’t surprising, and no one would be shocked if Meryl Streep took out another award, the final vote still lies with members at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and not the public–or Twitter. So, we’ll just have to wait until Sunday for the results.

Three sleeps and counting, you guys.