Twitter Follow Friday: StyleCaster Round-Up of the Best Style Tweets


HuffStyle nixes man Spandex, Jess Stam‘s bikini bod gets her out of a speeding ticket, and more models go gaga for Twitpic. Bryan Boy reimagines the Met Ball, Tyra is too tired to “smize”– (does she mean smile?), Forever21 teams up with blogger extraordinaire Danny Roberts, and Y-3 ships for free! Tweet us!

RT @HuffStyle Would you be caught dead wearing this outfit? Me neither.

RT @Jess_Stam Picking up @heidimount at the train station. Good thing I’m in only a bikini when the cop pulled me over. Oop

RT @Modelinia Tweet, tweet! See all the cute pics these models have shared with us via their twitter accounts! —

RT @bryanboy Can you imagine if anna wintour had a met ball celebrating the internet? And designers will team up with bloggers? Like designers and models

RT @tyrabanks My butt was awake til past 4am last night and now I can hardly keep my eyes open. Smizing is nearly impossible right now.

RT @Forever21_tweet Spring issue of F21 Mag launching soon! A few surprisesFor one, we’re giving away 2 custom paintings by our latest muse, @Danny_Roberts!

RT @adidasY3 Y-3 ships free! Get free shipping on Y-3 through March 24th

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