Twitter Follow Friday: StyleCaster Round-Up of the Best Style Tweets


Charlotte Ronson opposes adjacent toilets, Jill Biden commits the ultimate crime of fashion (via @HuffStyle), and the blogger brigade has a little laugh over period panties (we don’t want to know). Becka Diamond is Gaga obsessed, Brad Goreski promotes mommy dearest over Twitter, and Kelly Osbourne is suddenly going on market appointments? A new editrix in training perhaps? We hope not…Plus score free tix to the Piers Antique show this weekend via @Refinery29. Tweet us!

RT @cjronson – This is what I call way “too close for comfort…”

RT @HuffStyle Jill Biden has committed THE greatest crime of fashion

RT @sea_of_shoes LMAO RT @childhoodflames just got a press e-mail for period panties… thank god. don’t wanna miss out on the chance to blog about those

RT @beckadiamond Can’t. Stop. Watching. Gaga. Telephone. Help. Me.

RT @mrbradgoreski #FF follow my mom @bradgoreskismom, and my east coast fashion posse @caseykenyon, @cmbenz, @prabalgurung, @missnachmani

RT @MissKellyO lookig forward to going to the H&M show room today!!!!!

RT @refinery29 Get your vintage on this weekend with free tix to the Piers Antique Show. Just retweet this link!

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