Twitter Follow Friday: StyleCaster Round-Up of the Best Style Tweets


Bryan Boy bashes another blogger, Genevieve Jones falls in love at the airport, and Garance Dore scouts a new generation of pre-teen bloggers. Coco Rocha welcomes fellow model Hilary Rhoda to the twitterverse, The Moment finds inspiration from Chewbacca on men’s runways, and Derek Blasberg calls out Jon Stewart’s coffee habits. Confessions of a Casting Director is looking for interns (straight dudes specifically), and Jess Stam eats! — or she’s just reciting the famous YouTube line. Tweet us!

RT @bryanboy: What a hater. Shame on her for throwing in the fat card after that long-winded spiel. LET ME GET MY HATER BLOCKERS ON.

RT @lovegenjo: If only this hot stylish gangster eurasian knew what I was thinking… I really hope we’re on the same flight.

RT @garancedore: – Bloggers have broken the double digits: 9 year old now front row! (And working!)

RT @Oh_So_Coco: Big welcome for my dear Hilary Rhoda to the land o’ twitter!!! @hilaryrhoda #FollowFriday

RT @themoment: Fur peeking from shirt collars, plackets, and cardigans along with Chewbacca-like coat linings under tailored jackets at CDG. #pfw BP

RT @derekblasberg: Oh snap! Guess who I just cut in line on my morning Starbucks run: Jon Stewart from @thedailyshow. (He’s an iced Venti latte kind of guy.)

RT @COACD: fashion week interns email be a straight dude and not into models!

RT @Jess_Stam: Its peanut butter jelly time!

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