Twitter Follow Friday – StyleCaster Round-Up Of The Best Style Tweets


RT @dkny So I go to my garage this am 2 get my car..& they tell me its NOT there…apparently I drove to work Wed and LEFT MY CAR THERE #IDIOT
Wait, people still actually drive in New York?

RT blogger @bunnyBISOUS I love the fact that when you call Vogue, everyone answers “Hello Vogue!” without fail. Its staying power is oddly comforting. Like bowties.
Imagining Meredith Melling Burke clones repeating Hello Vogue! may or may not haunt our dreams tonight.

RT designer @toryburch Just heard something interesting–before economic crisis, women-owned biz were gowing 2X faster than other firms.
Didn’t we just read in W that you recently opened your 24th boutique worldwide? Looks like one woman hasn’t been affected by the “economic crisis.”

RT fashion writer @MeenalMistry “Elegance is refusal” — Vreeland or Chanel? Anyone know for sure?
Who knows the answer? Help a sister out!

RT @NylonMag Would you wear kitty prints? See the options here:
Move over Miu Miu, kitty prints are the new bird print.

RT @rzrachelzoe Team Zoe on top of NYC on a photo shoot! DIE! XoRZ
Two years later and Rachel Zoe still hasn’t come up with a new catchphrase…

RT socialite @ByrdieBell Leaving a beautiful lunch for Erdem at La Grenouille. Heading to a table reading at Soho House
Byrdie Bell circa 2 p.m…ah, the things we could do if we didn’t have day jobs..

RT model @Oh_So_Coco Exactly 40 days from today I shall be Mrs. Coco Conran!!!
Does this mean people are going to start calling her Cococo? It just doesn’t have the same romantic ring to it.

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