Twitter Follow Friday: StyleCaster Round-Up of the Best Style Tweets


Andrew Mukamal gets down to Destiny’s Child, Faran Krentcil gets caught in a mid-March blizzard, and Snejana Onopka marvels at the recent Justin Bieber phenomenom (along with the rest of us). Cat Khan gives in to the crackberry, Kelly Bensimon creates sides, Miranda Kerr tweets tooth fairy jokes, and Tom Ford taps McQueen’s team for his return to women’s wear! Tweet us!

RT @AJMukamal “Say My Name” just came on my Pandora station- 7th grade all over again- #allaboutoldschooljams

RT @FaranKrentcil In front of the Chelsea Hotel and it’s snowing. This would be fun if it were STILL WINTER.

RT @lovesnejana Wow, Justin Bieber is a trending topic every single day! Do you like him??

RT @knighttcat just got a blackberry..this is the first time apple hasn’t won me over

RT @kikilet haaaa. there’s a #teamkelly who knew? i guess people like real and not soap operaesque reality stars. phew.

RT @MsMirandaKerr that’s cute @_PaulWalker_ Meadow said, “Dad, the tooth fairy teaches kids that they can sell body parts for money. That’s bad!!” LMAO

RT @cutblog Tom Ford secretly poaching McQueen and Givenchy for his own womens design team

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