Twitter Follow Friday: Bar Refaeli Gives Leo A Long Leash

Kerry Pieri

RT @ fashionherald Kelly said she doesn’t believe you need a degree to do fashion PR.
And girls making minimum wage in fashion closets while still paying for Ivy League educations weep.

RT @ derekblasberg PROOF I ain’t lying when we say we were chillin’ with the actual cowboy from The Village People. Him and Amy Sacco
A major club promoter and a cowboy walk into a bar…
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RT @ MsBarRefaeli I’m waiting for him to sending me a text message….. but he never did…. I guess he’s busy partying. Man will be man
Hmm, we don’t like this antiquated attitude Bar, even Leo has time to text.

RT @ MsLilyDonaldson Why do we always reject those who love us and love someone who doesnt love us in the first place?
Models they’re just like us!

RT @ Terry_World Photo: Justin Long getting spanked on W 4th Street.
And yet somehow less kinky than most of Terry’s images.
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RT @ henryholland Surely i should be this EVERY MONTH …
aw, Henry, we’re sure any guy would be lucky to have you.

RT @ Carine_Roitfeld Beauty is the wisdom of women. Wisdom is the beauty of men.
Apparently it’s 1950 on Twitter today.

RT @ LHearst I like my outfit… What about you?
And we thought we liked prints.
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RT @ AggyDeyn I think I just got indecently assaulted by a “2010” massage chair!!!! O GOD!!!!
This might be fit for our TMI round-up.

sea_of_shoes I have a neighbor whose been driving around giving everyone ‘thumbs down’ her husband warned us ‘not to make eye contact’. Wow
Nice to know the crazy extends beyond NYC.

OscarPRGirl this morning I got a dark green juice because rene russo in the thomas crown affair continues to have a profound effect on me.
Russo paved the way for the Demis of the world in that flick.

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