Twitter Birds: Meet The Man Behind @StanDarde


All images courtesy of The Standard hotel.

Call him Stanny, Stan D’Arde, or just plain Stan the mysterious man behind the uber cool, of-the-moment-but-likely-never-going-out-of-style hotel chain, The Standard, likes to tweet just as much as he likes a good martini. From planning high profile social events at each of the hotel’s four locations (Miami, New York, Hollywood and Downtown L.A.) across the U.S. to getting down and dirty with social media, we’ve got one trs chic Twitter bird on our hands. Although he wouldn’t reveal his identity (it all adds to the allure dahhling), he did let us in on a few Stantastic secrets. Read on to find out more!

First things first, how did you land the fabulous job of becoming the Standard Hotels official Twitterer?
Darling. Stan has been with The Standards since the very beginning with the opening of The Standard, Hollywood. Could you imagine anyone else feeding the masses all these Stand Dellectable morsels of glorious information?

Specifically, in regard to all the interweb endeavors, I was plucked from poolside at The Standard, Miami one afternoon while I was taking a Stan De Soleil, and I was then asked to write the blog for the new website which was launched three years ago. Twitter just naturally followed. I still do it all. We love a tweetshaken, not stirred.

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The view from the pool at The Standard Miami

Can you give us a little rundown on what your job entails on a daily basis?
Its very difficult being me. My job is an enigma, even to myself. In essence, I socially curate the propertiesdealing with all of our guests, our VIPs and our boldfaced names from across the globe. I also work on all the parties we host on the rooftop downtown, across the bay in Miami, in the Boom Boom Roomthe list goes on. (I am also the official martini taster across the board, and I take that job very seriously).

We love that youve created a character (who even has a name Stan Darde!) out of the hotel. Are the tweets we read reflective of your true personality, or do you ever feel like an actor playing a character?
Im not sure I understand what you mean by character. Stan is Stan. He is timeless, true and very real. Next question, please. 😉

The Standard is a frequent hotspot for some pretty high profile events and celebs. Who are some of the supremely chic people that you’ve seen come through?
Besides myself, I am unable to divulge the identity of my closest friendsI mean, our supremely chic clientele. Vous comprenez, bien sur.

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The Standard New York

Do you have a fave moment? Do tell (without naming names, of course)!
Im a little hesitant to share with you this scandalous secret, but I have private offices hidden throughout the hotels in which I invite mes amis to spend some time. Again, I just cannot tell you what happens at the Stan Debaucherous get-togethers, but maybe youll receive an invitation one day?

The Standard collaborated with Quiksilver again. Any plans of doing more collaborations with other fashion designers?
We love our Quiksilver collaboration. Have you seen the vending machines at the four properties which sell the goods? Too chic. We definitely have more coming, but youll just have to wait until the time is right to find out. Stan loves a little suspense!

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Lorenzo Martone and friend visit The Standard Miami for the hotel’s second collaboration launch with Quiksilver

How else does fashion play a role in the hotels branding?
Coco Chanel once said, Fashion fades, but style always remains the same. I believe that answers the question, non?

We love your witty Twitter banter. Who would you say are some of your favorite Twitter birds to chat back and forth with?
Stan likes to stay in the know across the board. I love witty banter, but I also like hard breaking news and information thats culturally and societally relevant. Below you will find my favorite Twitter oiseaux broken down by category. Its the only way I tweet.

@Jack Jack Dorsey, my very good friend and founder of Twitter. Without him, I am nothing on the webwell, thats not true, but you know what I mean.

The Hotels

Fashion Friends
@Cmbenz Chris Benz, Designer
@Fiercegrandma Bonnie Morrison, Fashion Publicist
@Abbygardner Editor at GLO.COM
@Marcjacobsintl Marc Jacobs
@Caseykenyon Marc Jacobs chicest boy
@Francescofoeva Franceso Clark of Clarks Botanicals
@Prabalgurung Prabal Gurung, Designer
@PeterDavisNYC Editor at Large, Paper magazine

@Vogueparislive Vogue France
@The Dailybeast
@WSJ Wall Street Journal
@Styledotcom STYLE.COM
@Themoment NY Times Blog
@NYtimesstyle NY Times style section

The Loyal Fans

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The deck at The Standard Downtown LA

What do you love most about Twitter?
I love the immediacy of the information shared. Its like my own little Stan Delicious stream of consciousness wherever I go. Plus, I love when people follow me. Like Im a shepherd and they are my flockbut I would never wear one of those itchy shepherd robes or carry a staff, unless it was Hermes.

Ok, we just have to ask – for those of us who need a little help, whats the secret to getting into the Boom Boom Room?
If I told you the secret, I would be Stan Dead.

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