Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @NARSissist


Ever wonder what it’s like in the mad rush backstage before a runway show? Well, bringing you just that kind of insider knowledge (and a little random stream of consciousness) from the beauty front is the NARS Twitter account, cheekily named @NARSissist.

The anonymous PR girl tweeting for the brand shares our affinity for BBQ, vino, and of course makeup, so it was only natural that we feature @NARSissist for our second Twitter Birds installment. We caught up with the anonymous social media expert via technology, naturally to get the inside scoop behind Franois Nars’ beauty empire and his adorably famous French bulldog.

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StyleCaster: How did you become the official NARSissist Twitterer?
NARS: When we created NARSissist, we knew she had to be the eyes and ears of the brand Since the PR department has access to all facets of the brand, it was only natural that the person who tweets be in our department.

What’s the story behind Marcel the French bulldog, the NARS Twitter mascot?
We love Marcel! He is the fearless companion of Franois Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics. For years, he has been the face of the NARS holiday cards, appearing as a sailor, Uncle Sam, a Parisian, and even most recently as a bull fighter! Hes clearly very well traveled and the epitome of a jet-setter. Who better to represent the brand? He got his big break this past month as the face of the PRO-PRIME campaign.
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Whats the craziest place youve ever gone while following the NARS teams?
Every day is a new adventure, but Id say getting to be backstage at the Marc Jacobs show. Watching Marc sew up the girls as they hit the runway was a trip.

Do you tailor the voice of your tweets in any particular way to better fit the NARS personality?
I try to follow my instinct and have fun. After all, that is Franois motto when it comes to makeup, and I think it holds true to tweeting.

Fun is our motto too! That said, what do you think the NARSissist voice is?
NARSissist is fashion forward, and in the know. The voice is playful, clever and a bit audacious when it needs to be! There is one thing that is constant, though: I always, always try to be fun, fabulous and focused.

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We’ll have to make a note of the three F’s for the future. Ok, being that social media is everywhere right now, do you have another full-time job at NARS or is social media your main thing?

Oh, you mean there is life beyond Twitter? Being the official NARSissist, Im lucky enough to interact with all of the departments at NARS.

Who are the top 3 Twitter accounts that you enjoy following?

Aside from managing @NARSissist, do you have your own personal Twitter account separate from the brand?
Nope. Im kind of narcissistic like that its all NARSissist all the time.

Whats your secret to getting more Twitter followers?
I dont know if there is a secret… I think having a witty sense about things helps. Fans also follow me because they get a behind-the-scenes look at the brand.

We’d love to “uncover” your identity of course, but how important is it for the NARS brand to keep your Twitter identity anonymous?
I think part of the fun of NARSissist, is that I am anonymous. Also, its easier to get insider details at Fashion Week and other events if no one knows who I am!

What do you love most about Twitter?
I love the instant access; its like the Polaroid camera of information! The fact that we first heard about the passing of Alexander McQueen or Irving Penn on Twitter is fascinating. I love the community feeling. Its fun to be able to interact with fans across the globe and voice my thoughts, as random as they might be! But hey, thats the beauty of NARSissism.

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All images courtesy of NARS