Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @Bergdorfs


Twitter has become somewhat of an obsession for us @StyleCaster the more followers we get and the more 140-character-and-under messages we tweet, the more we want to acquire additional followers and tweet out our random thoughts to the Twitter-verse. While on the path to full-on social media addiction, we’ve become comforted by a fellow Twitter gal who calls one particularly incredible department store home. That would be @Bergdorfs, the official social media voice of Bergdorf Goodman, spreading as she would say, “the Bergdorf buzz.” So what is the buzz right now? Read on to find out straight from the source.

So how did you become the official Bergdorf Goodman Twitterer? Is social media your main responsibility at the company or is it just a small part of what you do?
Oh golly. What a question to begin with! My job is to spread the Bergdorf buzz, so in addition to tweeting, I update our Facebook & YouTube pages, manage our Foursquare page and write the blog posts for 5th/58th. Like so many things we do, it happened organically. We wanted to create a place that truly felt behind-the-scenes yet open enough so people would feel comfortable communicating with us and becoming part of our story. Its a busy, but exhilarating job.

What would you say is the best part about your job?
Im just going to be honest I love so many elements of my job. Since I represent all facets of the store, I experience what makes it so special so its difficult to pinpoint a best part. Just last week we were Skyping with Akris designer Albert Kriemler, and today Im testing beauty products!

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Bergdorf not only holds beautiful clothes, the building is quite the looker itself!

It seems like youre always in constant conversation with your followers. How many people would you estimate tweet at you daily?
How very perceptive of you! Yes, I receive a lot, and it varies each day! I do try my best to respond to every question, which can make for a very robust conversation.

Judging from your tweets, you seem to be an avid reader. Whats on your summer reading list?
Ha! If only you knew I try to read a book a week. Last week was Jhumpa Lahiris short stories, Unaccustomed Earth. Yesterday, I picked up Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (mainly at the insistence of my boss who is dying to discuss it with someone) at the Strand. After that is a mystery. I always love the Best American Short Stories series I think Ive read every one since the ’90s! I may try to go a little intellectual and pull out Italo Calvino. And I always adore Kafka and Haruki Murakami.

BG Restaurant at Bergdorf just launched a Local Flavors menu with a special for Foursquare users. How else has the store been incorporating Foursquare into the business social media plan?
This was our first! You cant imagine how well it played out. Just as we were thinking about a Foursquare special, our restaurant manager introduced me to our new Local Flavors menu and it all just seemed like a lovely match.

95636 1279047034 486x Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @Bergdorfs
In addition to reading and blogging, @Bergdorfs also loves to doodle…

Do you have any Twitter pet peeves?
Fail Whale and delayed APIs.

If you could describe your Twitter personality in one sentence, what would it be?
A style enthusiast whos a little more than thrilled to answer questions and share what makes Bergdorf Goodman & Fashion City so special.

Who are your three favorite people to follow on Twitter? Are there any great underrated or under the radar Twitter accounts out there that you think deserve a shout out?
Im breaking the rules & exceeding three:
@AskMr.Mickey and @CarlsCrush for serious, from-the-belly laughs
@DKNY and @OscarPRGirl for my NYC Fashion World fix
@MidwestCouture because she never ceases to find beauty & romance, no matter where she is
@John Jannuzzi and @PSIMadeThis for a dash of whimsy
@AnnadelloRusso for serious, over-the-top, amaze

How important is it to the Bergdorf Goodman brand to keep the Twitter personality anonymous? Would you ever reveal your true identity?
It wasnt a conscious move, but theres a certain romance to anonymity that I find pretty grand

When youre not tweeting, what could we most likely find you doing?
Reading in the park or on my stoop, being a bridesmaid, browsing stoop sales, going a little nuts at the farmers market, crafting with PSIMadeThis and catching up with my dear, dear friends.

95637 1279047042 486x Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @Bergdorfs
More doodle creations by @Bergdorfs

Lastly, were looking to get our hands on a standout summer purchase. Whats your must-have piece for summer available at Bergdorfs right now?
1) Ray Ban sunnies 2) White J-Brand Skinnies 3) Le Metier de Beautes polish in Jaded Love (btw, its teal)

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All photos and images courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

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