Twilight Series: Where They Were Before They Sucked Blood


Between new moons and werewolves and angsty pale dudes, it’s safe to say pop culture has become bloodsucker-saturated. With The Twilight Saga: New Moon coming out Friday, and every ticket from here to Forks sold out, it’s probably easier to find a set of vampire veneers than, well…regular ones?

For the most part, the hottest Twilight stars were small names before they were fighting dark forces and falling in love with the undead. Here’s a look back on what the newest household names did pre-Twilight.


Kristen Stewart

Before she was the socially awkward Bella Swan, Stewart erred towards smaller roles where she played the elusive girl next door. Sometimes that was the gypsy next door in Into the Wild, or the girl next door to Adam Brody in In The Land of Women. Then there was Panic Room, where she was just little and didn’t talk…


Rob Pattinson

No wonder the kid with magical hair has star quality; he was this close to Harry Potter for years. Before Twiight, Pattison was all about Quidditch as Potter’s coach Cedric Diggory. And once…he was even in Nylon Magazine‘s Street style book!


Taylor Lautner

This ripped werewolf has been in more than a few kids’ flicks, including something called Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and the TV show Summerland, which he starred in with Jesse McCartney.


Ashley Greene

Before the onslaught of Twi-hards, and before the nude photos of her hit the web, Greene was in one episode of Crossing Jordan, one episode of Mad TV, and one episode of something called Shark. Yay for big breaks! (And yes…that is ex-bf Chace Crawford.)


Nikki Reed

The real-life brunette got her break when she wrote the controversial, semi-autobiographical Thirteen co-starring Evan Rachel Wood; the film was nominated for an Oscar. She then had a recurring role on The OC. (God…we miss The OC.)


Rachelle Lafevre

If the ginger vamp conjured feeling from your childhood Saturday mornings, it might be because she was ABC’s Werewolf on Campus, where she played a teenage girl who falls in love with, yep, a werewolf. Some things never change. Oh, and if she conjures feelings from your teenage Friday nights, it’s because she was also on MTV’s Undressed.