Twilight Film Reviews: New Moon


For those of you who saved yourselves from the battlefield that was surely last night’s New Moon premiere, you’re probably very curious as to how the film compares to the first installment in the series. Well, the Twihards have spoken, and we wouldn’t trust anyone else to give us the real scoop.

For those who built up the second book in the series, they were sorely disappointed, but for the most part, the fans were ecstatic at the outcome. The Twilight team brought on a new director for the second film–Chris Weitz of The Golden Compass–and it shows. The quality of the filming has improved in New Moon, and fans felt that the plot line shines whereas the original Twilight film was lacking in this department. And according to one very excited young fan, “the guys were a lot hotter in this movie.”

Personally, we’re waiting ’til things slow down a bit at the theater to go get our Rob Pattinson fix–but judging from the rave reviews, the wait will be well worth it.