Twilight Film Premiere: New Moon Cast on the Red Carpet


The anticipation is mounting. Girls everywhere are swooooning over Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner like they never have before. Last night, the Twilight saga’s newest flick premiered in Los Angeles, where the cast smiled gracefully and signed autographs for the hundreds of screaming fans pushed up against the railing along side the red carpeted affair. Want to dress like the characters in New Moon? Click here for style tips on how to achieve the vampire look.


We agree; Kristen Stewart is the shiznit. What do you think of her floor-length gown?


Taylor Lautner may be off the market, ladies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set this red carpet picture as your desktop on your computer.


Dakota Fanning signing autographs for adoring fans. Love her black lace strapless dress and sky-high pumps.

Cue the drum-roll for the surprise appearance….


50 Cent showed up to support the Twilight stars. On who he likes better, Rob or Taylor, Fitty said, “I’m somewhere in the middle. I like to see both of them. It’s just the enjoyment of the entire project.” His appearance is just another easy way to convince your boyfriend to go to New Moon. If it’s good enough for 50, it’s good enough for your guy.

Twilight: New Moon hits theaters this Friday, November 20.