When Is TWICE’s Comeback in 2020? They Just Confirmed It’s Really Happening!

Photo: KIM HEE-CHUL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.

With rumors of a comeback floating around now more than ever, we’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled for TWICE’s album 2020 release date, tracklist, and news in the coming weeks. For a while now, it seemed as though the rumors were just that—rumors. But now, TWICE’s entertainment company and record label, JYP Entertainment, has finally issued a statement on whether ONCEs are getting things right. Turns out, fans are not far off.

Many were convinced that the girls were gearing up for a comeback this summer. Suspicions only began to multiply once the Korean girl group announced their latest project, a YouTube Originals docuseries titled “TWICE: Seize The Light.” The docuseries, set to premiere on April 29, is set to be the first of its kind on the platform—as in, the first K-pop docuseries by an all-girl group. As if that isn’t enough of a big deal, ONCEs can now officially look forward to a confirmed comeback.

But when, exactly, is TWICE releasing their new music? JYP Entertainment might have hinted at it in their statement—and it seems like it’s happening sooner than we thought. Read on below for everything we know about TWICE’s 2020 comeback so far.

Is TWICE already working on new music?

The real question is whether or not TWICE ever stopped working on new music. Only eight months ago, the group made their 2019 comeback with their EP, Feel Special, which was accompanied by a lead single of the same name. And since then, they released an updated version of the Japanese-language album, &Twice, now including singles “Happy Happy, “Breakthrough,” and new release “Swing.”

If they’re following a traditional K-pop comeback formula, TWICE may very well be releasing a full-length album this year—you know, one filled with all the tracks that were just too good for those smaller releases. And that might just include a track that’s already getting its own music video…

When will TWICE’s comeback album be released?

On April 20, outlets began reporting that TWICE is filming a new music video. Many alluded to their rumored summer comeback, with some sources claiming as early as June 2020. While TWICE and their label JYP Entertainment have yet to *technically* confirm a release date, JYP did share a statement with Hankook Ilbo shortly after the news broke.

“TWICE is getting ready to shoot the music video for their new song,” JYP confirmed. “The specifics of their comeback schedule are still being discussed, and we will reveal them once they are set.”

What is TWICE’s lead single?

While we don’t have a title yet, it’s totally plausible that TWICE’s lead single will be attached to the new music video that they’re currently working on.

Is there a tracklist?

There’s no tracklist as of yet. But hopefully, fans of TWICE can expect to see a sneak peek soon.

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