Robert Pattinson Is Allegedly Going to Play Batman & Now “Battinson” Is A Thing

Robert Pattinson.
Photo: AFF-USA/REX/Shutterstock

There are reportedly a few men up for the coveted role of Batman is the upcoming caped-crusader film. But Robert Pattison starring as Batman in the new movie, which is set to debut in 2021, seems to be the top choice of fans. Back in February, Ben Affleck, who previously played the caped man-in-black, said he would not be reprising the role. The former Twilight actor hasn’t officially secured the role, but according to Variety’s exclusive reporting, he is “expected to close” on a deal very soon. The film would go into production this summer. There are other names swirling in the casting world.

Deadline reported that Nicholas Holt from Skins is being considered for the role while sources at The Hollywood Reporter have said that Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are in talks, too. But, Variety says that Pattinson is apparently “the top choice.” Twitter seems to be a fan of Pattinson as well, deeming themselves team “Battinson.” LOL. The internet can be so clever sometimes. Fans have been showing their support for Pattinson, saying that he has come a long way since his Twilight days.

One fan tweeted, “Robert Pattinson as Batman is phenomenal casting. One of the hardest working actors today. If you’ve written him off, please watch Good Time and come back to me.” Another tweet read, “Honestly Robert Pattinson as Batman is one of the best castings for a while he was absolutely amazing in good time and high life.”

Well, fans will just have to wait and see what casting decisions are made. Regardless, we can’t wait for the new film. And while we wait, we can enjoy these marvelous tweets: