Cardi B Wants All The “Press”— According To Her New Music Video

Cardi B.
Photo: Shutterstock.

She doesn’t want any press but here we are.Twitter can’t handle Cardi B’s new “Press” music video. Therefore, it’s getting a ton of attention. The 26-year-old rapper goes completely naked in the violent, boundary-breaking music video. Cardi released “Press” on YouTube this morning, June 26, and fans are going wild for her daring, beautiful piece of art.

Cardi’s promotional shots for her newest fiery single were very thought-provoking and made an interesting commentary on the world of serial killers and press. She bared all for the promotional shots, so we weren’t surprised the same through-line ran through the music video as well.

The nearly four-minute video starts with Cardi B making out with another woman during the middle of a threesome. Then, à la a scene straight out of the movie-musical Chicago, Cardi shoots her companions. The murder, of course, lands her in court. But it goes even darker and deeper. The rapper strips down, completely naked (but certain areas are blurred out for obvious reasons). Her dancers follow suit, ditching their clothes and performing completely nude alongside the rapper. In another shot, they all lay there dead, bleeding out, as Cardi continues to rap.

But if you thought that was as twisted and dark as Cardi would go, think again.  The music video ends with Cardi in prison. But in one final, gruesome act, she drowns and kills an inmate in the prison. Though the plot of the music video is dark and gritty, Cardi stuns (per usual) in some striking outfits and fashion statements. In addition to her birthday suit, Cardi wears a full head-to-toe colorful silk ensemble, as well as an all-white Viktor&Rolf suit.

Here’s what fans have to say about the “Press” music video and the praise is high:

Cardi took to Instagram after releasing the music video to thank everyone involved, writing, “Thank you @jorafrantzisfor making my storyline come to life.I was so specific with this video I wanted to co direct with someone who can understand my vision and don’t say ITS NOT POSSIBLE for a answer 😂😩😩.Thanks glam for taking good directions and trusting me on glam and working together to make the looks possible .I wanted these white eyebrow ,white hair look so bad !Ya work together and made it happen just how I wanted it .Thanks @tanishascott for helping me put together a militant clean simple choreo for the video and Yeaaa and enjoy everybody !!! ……. ooo and thank you @oggizery_june for helping on the editing !”

And if you want to continue with this murderess train…